What else?

This page works (or rather, eventually will work) as a collection of hopefully cool pages, either on this site or elsewhere on the internet.

All headers have anchors on hover (you can tap-hold on mobile to show the clickable anchor to get the URL updated in your browser to copy).

Cool things on this site

empty for now… (aside from what’s available in the navbar)

Cool things on the internet

Utility software

  • Handling JSON in sh/bash
    • jo - A shell command to create valid JSON
      • motivation of the author outline here
    • jq - A lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor

Collaboration software

  • Excalidraw - An open source virtual hand-drawn style whiteboard. Collaborative and end-to-end encrypted.

Why this page?

I didn’t want to implement a complicated, Javascript-dependent navigation bar. Maybe it can be done, however I thought that a separate page could work really well - both for navigation on this site, as well as outside of it.